July 19, 2023

Smiles of Amare: Ashley Miller, CNA

“Understanding where they are at and what they may need helps me provide the best support and care.”  

Ashley Miller has been a CNA for more than 18 years and was drawn to the healthcare field early in her life. 

She was raised by doctors; her father was an emergency room doctor and her mother a family physician. Additionally, a member of Ashley’s family went through a tough time and had a need for additional support which influenced her interest in psychiatric care. 

While Ashley currently works in psychiatric care, she has experience in many other care settings including hospital float pool, ortho, and dialysis. Regardless of the facility, Ashley’s favorite part about being a CNA is caring for her patients in some of their most difficult times. 

“I look at the situation the patient is in and put myself in their shoes,” Ashley said. “Understanding where they are at and what they may need helps me provide the best support and care.”  

In Ashley’s eyes, she is a member of her patient’s family and because of that, she strives to provide stability for them. Telling jokes, singing songs, and dancing with her patients are some things she likes to do to create fun and happiness while providing smile-worthy care. 

In the same way that Ashley interacts with her patients, her recruiter, Natasha Cook, says she always shows her passion for caring and goes the extra mile. 

“She puts in nights 3 – 4 days of the week even though she has another job,” said Natasha. “Ashley is always responsive when I reach out and remains positive and kind, no matter how tired she may be.” 

The care Ashley has shown to the people she works with and for is a shining example of Amare’s purpose to deliver care worthy of a million smiles. The passion she has for caring truly embodies the company’s core values and is what drives them to succeed. 

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