January 5, 2023

Amare Preps Future Leaders Through Peer Mentoring Program

Launched in 2022, the Peer Mentoring Program was created to prepare employees for the next step in leadership.

January is National Mentoring Month, and Amare Medical Network would like to recognize the staff members who are participating in the company’s Peer Mentoring Program.

Launched in 2022, the Peer Mentoring Program was created to prepare employees for the next step in leadership. 

“Amare Medical Network is committed to the growth and development of our support staff and care providers,” said President and Chief Operating Officer Scott Shelander when announcing the program. “The creation of our Peer Mentoring Program is a direct reflection of our commitment to provide a path forward for those desiring a leadership track with our organization.”

Each peer mentor works with a small group of mentees.

“I love being a reliable source for my team,” program graduate Nicole Pilewski said. “Being dependable is an asset that I value deeply from my mentors, and I want to be that person for any colleague who approaches me.”

In addition to providing valuable experience to the mentors, the program also provides an added layer of support for new hires.

“The mentor program has afforded an additional means of connection and support for our operations employees,” said Vice President of People and Culture Kimberlee Matthews.  “It allows those in the program to acclimate to the organization and their role.  The mentee continues to have their direct supervisor and an added resource through their mentor relationship.”

Peer mentors currently participating in the program are:

  • Alexandria Schmidt, recruiter – nursing
  • LaMorie Marsh, operational support specialist
  • Amanda Zelechowski, recruiter – allied health
  • Kyle Schweighardt, recruiter – nursing
  • Brandy Heitzenrater, account manager – nursing

Pilewski was promoted to senior recruiter, and Anthony Achille was promoted to corporate trainer after completing the program.

“I loved the peer-to-peer motivation,” Achille said. “Even if it were just a pep talk to inspire my peer to keep going through the daily grind, I would drop what I was doing in order to do that because I loved it so much.”

“It’s been extremely helpful, and Kyle’s fantastic,” said mentee Alexandra Schmitt. “He offers help every chance he gets and provides a different perspective and/or an alternative way to tackle a problem (that you might not have recognized before) which has resulted in a better outcome every time.”

More peer mentors will be added as the Amare business grows and the program expands throughout 2023.

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