June 19, 2024

Smiles of Amare: Ronell Somerville, Post-Acute CNA

Get to know Ronell Somerville, Certified Nursing Assistant.

Meet Ronell, a dedicated Certified Nursing Assistant at Amare with an impressive 18 years of experience. Driven by her passion for caregiving and the inspiration from her children, Ronell chose Amare for its flexibility and guaranteed hours that fit her schedule. As a CNA, she takes pride in assisting patients with their daily activities and cherishes the companionship she provides in their times of need.

Ronell’s Fast Facts

  • Role at Amare: Certified Nursing Assistant
  • CNA Experience: 18 years

Learn More About Ronell

What made you choose Amare?

I chose Amare because of the flexibility and guaranteed hours that work with my schedule.

Give a one-sentence overview of your job.

As a CNA, I assist patients with activities of daily living.

What is your favorite part of being a CNA?

My favorite part of being a CNA is caring for my residents and providing companionship in their time of need.

Why did you decide to become a CNA?

I decided to become a CNA because of my kids, specifically when I was pregnant with my second child.

Is there someone who inspired you to pursue the job you have today?

Yes, my kids inspired me to become a CNA. I have a child with a disability, and I understand what it means to get the proper care.

Is there a patient that you will never forget?

I took care of Jim Dellaghatti, who invented the Big Mac! When he lived in Fox Chapel, he loved to feed the foxes watermelons and send me into his McDonald’s as a decoy to check on service. Boy, do I miss him!

Our company’s purpose is to deliver care worthy of a million smiles. What does that mean to you?

That I must do everything I can to deliver care worth a million smiles.

What is the best part of working for Amare?

I am very happy with the communication between staff and myself, as well as the six week schedules.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to own a business!

Happy CNA Week to Ronell and to all of our amazing CNAs! You are at the core of our team, Delivering Care Worthy of a Million Smiles and making a real difference in the lives of patients and our clients every single day. Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and positive attitudes! 

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