January 12, 2023

Amare Celebrates Care Providers Selected as Core Values Ambassadors

Recently, the awardees for the third quarter of 2022 met up with their recruiters for a lunch to celebrate their awards.

Each quarter, Amare Medical Network recruiters submit nominations for the Care Provider Core Values Ambassador Awards. The award recognizes care providers who provide care worthy of a million smiles and embrace the company’s core values in everything they do.

Recently, the awardees for the third quarter of 2022 met up with their recruiters for a lunch to celebrate their awards.

Maria Bucci, Post-Acute CNA

“Maria has always been a dedicated Care Provider from the start of her Journey with Amare Medical Network. It meant so much to me to enjoy this lunch with Maria and spend time with her in person. The best part was seeing the joy on her face when she received the Core Values Ambassador Award! It’s an honor to have the opportunity to make them feel appreciated the way I feel appreciated here.” – Natasha Cook

Natasha Cook & Maria Bucci

 Kyle Gregory, Travel RN

“I recruited Kyle back in July and he has been the best to work with over the last several months. I am so grateful to have him working with us at Amare and making such a difference for his patients he works with on his contracts!” – Alex Schmidt

Alex Schmidt & Kyle Gregory

Natalie Pilewski, Travel RN

“We were so excited to honor Natalie with this award. It is the most prestigious award from our company, and I am so proud to represent Natalie, who everyday embodies our core values both in and out of her contracted facilities and now we have Kaylee, Natalie’s best friend, our newest Excela Health Travel RN who was able to be there as well. We are so lucky to be working with you two.” – Nicole Pilewski

Brittney Jackson, Nicole Pilewski, Natalie Pilewski, Kaylee Mudar, Mariah Lind

Ashley Vescio, Travel RN

“This award from Amare is to recognize Care Providers who live out our core values and go above and beyond their call of duty. Ashley does just that when working on assignment. She goes the extra mile with her patients and their families making sure they’re comfortable in times of need. Ashley has been with us for almost a year, and we are so excited to continue this journey with her! Mallorie joined us for lunch as she had the opportunity to see first-hand Ashley’s incredible care when a family member needed it most. We are so thankful to have Ashley on our team!” – Brittney Jackson

Brittney Jackson, Ashley Vescio, Mallorie Palanko

Congratulations to Maria, Kyle, Natalie and Ashley for this commendable recognition!

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