August 24, 2022

Amare’s Journey to a Million Smiles reaches 2,000

Mariah Charlesworth, senior account manager, shared a smile with Nicole Estep, RN.

Amare Medical Network’s “Journey to a Million Smiles” has continued to thrive since its launch in May 2021. An abundance of well-deserved recognitions have been shared and celebrated daily by Amare team members. As a result of this continuous dedication, the 2,000th Smile was recently celebrated. 

Nicole Estep and Mariah Charlesworth

Mariah Charlesworth, senior account manager, shared a smile with Nicole Estep, RN, that stated, So excited to see you and Matt tomorrow and recognize all the amazing things you do every day! Big smiles for finally leaving Ohio and taking on your first travel assignment out of state. Alabama here we come!!!”

This was the first official smile shared between a support staff member and care provider since Amare launched the Care Connection intranet to care providers at the end of June.

When both Mariah and Nicole found out they were the 2,000th Smile, they wanted to celebrate by donating to the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society holds a very special place in Nicole’s heart as both her grandmother and father were diagnosed with cancer. Nicole’s grandmother was diagnosed four times over a span of 50 years. Her father was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer at the age of 58 and sadly passed away six months later, one month shy of his 59th birthday.

The American Cancer Society provides resources necessary and invests in research to help attack cancer from every angle.

Amare Medical Network continues to celebrate these accomplishments in meaningful ways for the people we work with and work for as we strive to deliver care worthy of a million smiles.

Interested in supporting the American Cancer Society? Donate here.

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