May 24, 2022

Sisters share passion for caring at Amare

Amare Medical Network feels like family for our employees, but it really is family for twin sisters Nicole and Natalie Pilewski.

Nicole and Natalie Pilewski

Nicole started as a recruiter at Amare in February. Natalie is a travel nurse.

“This is quite literally the best job I’ve ever had,” Nicole said. Her background in collegiate athletic recruiting and having a sister who is a nurse made the job a perfect fit.

“Being able to help them and serve them financially, mentally, physically, career-wise – I’m very happy and proud to do that,” she said.

Natalie was working as a travel nurse for another agency when Nicole started at Amare. She became a traveler in May 2020, during COVID.

“I just kind of felt like something was calling me to travel, to go and help,” Natalie said. “So, I did end up quitting my job.”

Since then, Natalie has worked in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia as a travel ICU nurse. 

“I love meeting new people, making new friends,” she said. “I love that I get to see how hospitals operate differently.”

Shortly after Nicole joined Amare, Natalie learned that the hospital where she was working canceled her contract extension. She needed to find a new job and fast.

Nicole and the Amare team stepped in.

“We had account managers, we had senior recruiters looking out for her,” Nicole said. “All tiers were involved in the process of helping her find that comfortability within our company, that assurance that she will be taken care of. Really amazing.”

“With my other company, I felt just kind of like a number,” Natalie said. “But with Amare, I feel so valued. I know there are many people who are looking out for me.”

The company has been a great fit for both sisters.

“Everyone here treats you so fairly and like a valued, respected and important employee,” Nicole said.

“A big thing with me is teamwork,” Natalie said. “In nursing, you have to be a team. You cannot save someone’s life by yourself. Amare has the teamwork.”

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